First Store Opening in February/March 2011


New   Spain Business Venture   New

Category:  Entrepreneurs/Startup/Europe/Food

Amount:  Minimum $30,000 = 20% Ownership (loan-investment = 15% ownership)

Full Partnership per unit $40,000 = 25% Ownership (loan-investment = 20% ownership)

Type of business: Novo York Pizzeria, an introduction to Spain, the first authentic New York style Pizza, authentic "Buffalo Wings" and Hots with customer service to equal that of fine dinning!

What stage: We are in the seed/start up stage. Capital is to be used for purchase of first class equipment, ovens, coolers, dough makers, restaurant equipment, inventory and first 10 months of operational cost. (To open 3 Stores in 5 Years)

Uniqueness: Novo York Pizzeria will offer not only a superior product at competitive prices, but will operate in a style of which the Spanish market is not a custom too. Customer Service first, quality of product second to none.

Credentials: Family experiences of over six decades in the food service industry, find dinning, catering, and CEO's experience of 7 years as director of operations for one of the U.S. largest contract food catering services. Mr. Beckett is known in the industry as an innovative leader, and a true team player.

[Loan/Investment contingent upon a 9% five year loan with investors option to withdraw after the 5 year loan agreement is satisfied]

Address:  P.O. Box167 -  Port Gibson, NY-14537
       Country:  USA - For Southern Spain
       Contact Name:  Scott R Beckett - Marin
       Contact Email: 
               Phone:  315-331-0253


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